P i x M e r l o t

Grapes: Merlot.
Vineyard: About 3 hectares, aspected south and near the sea, on sandy clay soils. Vine density is 3,600 per hectare, trained to spurred cordon.
Harvest: Hand picked in September, with a vineyard yield of 50-60 ql. (5-6 tons) per hectare.
Vinification: After fermentation and maceration on the skins, the wine quickly goes to new barriques for malolactic fermentation, where it remains for 12 to 15 months.

Note: The characteristics of Pix are determined by the climate of the southern Marche, which gives us grapes of perfect ripeness and outstanding quality.
The wine is classic Merlot, with appealing softness and grace, velvety body, and complex aromas. Wild berries, chocolate, leather, and toasty coffee blend with dense, sweet tannins to produce a wine that will pair invitingly with the widest variety of dishes.
The name “pix” comes from the Latin pix, picis, and refers to a pit of natural tar that used to be near the winery.