O u r W i n e s


Boccadigabbia, located in the contrada, or district, of Castelletta di Fontespina, on the first hills that rise from the Adriatic in the direction of the medieval borgo of Civitanova Alta, covers today almost 10 hectares, all in vineyard. Its favourable southern exposure and the mild, sea-side climate have always given Boccadigabbia the reputation as an exceptional spot for viticulture.

L e G r a n e

This unique fermentation method as well as the rarity of the grape variety confers distinctive characteristics on Le Grane. It appears a deep, almost yellow, straw, and the nose releases intriguing fragrances of very ripe fruit.

A k r o n t e

This superb red is our flagship wine, powerful, well extracted and sumptuously structured, yet silky on the palate. The nose fully mirrors these qualities, with compelling, complex aromas. Here is a wonderful wine for rare meats, large game, and the classic meat dishes of international cuisine.

G a r b ì

Refined, long-lingering aromas, with a crisp, full-flavoured palate. Serve Garbì at 8-10°C and enjoy it with seafood salad, first courses, and grilled fish.

R o s è o

This rosé appears a luminous pink. The bouquet is elegant and refined, with a wealth of fruit-rich fragrances, including cherry, raspberry, and plum. On the palate it is dry, full-flavoured, and refreshingly crisp.

R i b o n a C o l l i M a c e r a t e s i D O C

This wine is produced with Ribona grapes, a rare variety that is also called Maceratino, because it is almost exclusively grow in the province of Macerata. It is a crisp anf full-flavoured wine, characterized by the intense fragrances typical of this grape variery, intensified by the cryomaceration of grapes before fermentation.

R o s s o P i c e n o D O C

This contemporary version of Rosso Piceno displays a deep ruby red, then offers classic varietal spice, along with lovely scents of vanilla, chocolate, and wild red berries. A dense weave of velvety tannins characterises the appealing, seductive palate, and the lingering finish is impressive.

S a l t a p i c c h i o

 Elegant, delicate aromas are the hallmark of Saltapicchio, as is the rich, velvety complement of its sweets tannins; these qualities make for a superb example of Marche Sangiovese.

P i x M e r l o t

The characteristics of Pix are determined by the climate of the southern Marche, which gives us grapes of perfect ripeness and outstanding quality.
The wine is classic Merlot, with appealing softness and grace, velvety body, and complex aromas. Wild berries, chocolate, leather, and toasty coffee blend with dense, sweet tannins to produce a wine that will pair invitingly with the widest variety of dishes.